How do I access my picks?

Use the links located at the bottom of the cappers page. You’ll be able to access any package you purchase via these links. Your picks will not be emailed or text to you. You’ll need to visit the page daily for which package you purchased. Once your membership runs out, you’ll no longer have access to the page until you purchase a new package or renew your current. If you’re still having issues accessing picks, please contact support below via web form submission, we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you miss a day of picks or there are no picks that day, your membership will be extended.

What if there are no picks for a day within the time frame I purchased?

If the capper does have a day or two with no plays, we’ll extend your membership to include extra days to make up for the gaps if any.

How do I watch the daily live show?

You can watch our show BettorCenter Live daily @ 6pm EST, and Saturday/Sunday @ 11am EST via our website homepage or the “live” page. You can also request to join our BettorCenter facebook group via the social links located at the bottom of most pages of our website. We show our live show daily on Facebook, and YouTube (@louiediamond). 

Contact Support

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